Harnessing Sun and Moon Energy to use daily.

The energies of the sun and the moon compliment each other beautifully. We need both, to survive on the earth, and we need both within us to thrive.

The earth needs the Sun and moon to do what they do in perfect harmony, for all its living creatures to survive, they control the seasons, the tides, the temperature of the earth and are so important to us, it is no wonder that our ancestors honoured both the sun and the moon in rituals, and tried to find ways to harness their powers.

The sun gives a masculine energy, full of enthusiasm, motivation, strength, it’s a vibrant energy that is always on the go! We need this to keep us going, working, doing the things on a daily basis that pay the bills, and we need it to uplift us and boost our energy levels. The sun shines on everything in its path, revealing what is already there.

The Moons energy is feminine, and by nature softer. It is no less powerful, however and we need the feminine balance from the energy of the sun. Too much sun energy can leave us feeling burned out, the moon energy is cool, calm and healing. The moon lights up the dark and shows us the unknown.

The balance of these energies is something so many of us seek, and to find your balance it can take a lot of inner work. I’m talking, meditating, journaling, digging deep and healing old ancestral wounds. We so often carry things that are not ours to carry,and we so often get stuck in one energy which takes us out of balance, our emotions are out of sync, things do not feel good and it can take a lot to figure out how to get your balance back.

I am not here to tell you how, I work on this balance in myself everyday and there are people out there qualified to show you how. Though, as a yoga teacher, studying crystal healing with a passion for magic, I can help you move your body, unblock chakras and point you in the right direction to start your own healing.

There are ways to harness the powers of the sun and moon and bring them into your life, and one of my favourite ways is by creating Sun and Moon water to use throughout the month in my daily life and rituals.

For both you will need a glass jar with a lid and distilled, filtered or spring water. Setting your intentions as you place your jar is important, and using crystals can be beneficial but some are not safe in water or don’t react well in the sun.

How to Make Sun water.

Fill your jar with water, you can use crystals such as carnelian, sunstone, tigers eye to surround your jar, maybe place them on the lid.

If you would like you can add herbs and plants to the water, herbs have their own magical properties. Lemon slices are great, as lemons are associated with the sun, cleansing and happiness, rosemary is healing and can be used in place of any herb for rituals. Sunflowers, daisies, dandelions, saffron, are all fabulous for sun magic, of course some flowers aren’t safe for consumption so if you intend to drink your sun water please be careful and check.

Place your jar out in the sun, either outside or a windowsill will do, direct sunlight is best. As you do so, set your intention for your sun water - what will you use it for? What energy do you want to take from it?

Leave in in the sun as long as possible, from sunrise to sunset is ideal but bring it back in before the sun sets.

Store away from moonlight, perhaps on your altar if you have one or in the fridge.

Sun water can bring vibrant energy, strength, motivation, uplift , joy and happiness.

Sun water uses.

Charging tools and altar spaces.

Make Sun Tea.

Boost of energy, either by drinking or placing in a ritual bath.

Pour sun water near the base of a tree and make a wish.

Painting water.

Water herbs and plants.

How to make Moon Water.

Fill your jar with water, place outside when the sun has set. A full moon is the best time to make this. Set your intention for your moon water.

Take your crystals if you have them, quartz crystals are good, calming crystals and safe to use in water if you wish - please be careful if you intend to drink your moon water, as if you have crystals that flake it may not be safe to ingest them. I like tumbled stones for this. You can also place them around the jar also.

Bring the jar back in before the sun hits or you will change it to sun water and the energy will be very different.

Store it in a cupboard or fridge away from sunlight, use sparingly through the month for a calming, healing, peaceful energy to always have the energy and magic of the full moon with you.

Moon Water uses.

Ritual baths.

Painting water.


Drink in tea.

Water herbs and plants.

You can use both waters in similar ways, but the energy and intentions behind the two are very different. And just like the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine energy, I think you need both, for a balance.